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  • 03-06-2023
    Software Mind’s Guilds – 2022 in Review
  • 02-14-2023
    Q&A: Get to know a Software Minder!
  • Man working on computer. Young it worker using laptop in the office,
    Switching your career to software development – Advice from a Software Engineer
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  • 11-22-2022
    Workation with family in sunny Tenerife
  • 10-19-2022
    3 Ways to Build Up Your Tech Talent Capacity 
  • 09-26-2022
    Q&A: Get to know a Software Minder!
    Software Minders come from diverse backgrounds and can be found across the globe. We have common values, but different experiences and opinions. We’re proud of the amazing talents we have and want to shine the spotlight on our team, one Software Minder at a...