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  • 11-23-2023
    Feel IT. Live IT. Be IT. – How to Create a Successful Employer Branding Strategy
  • 06-15-2023
    Q&A: Get to know a Software Minder
  • 03-06-2023
    Software Mind’s Guilds – 2022 in Review
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  • 02-14-2023
    Q&A: Get to know a Software Minder!
  • Man working on computer. Young it worker using laptop in the office,
    Switching your career to software development – Advice from a Software Engineer
  • 11-22-2022
    Workation with family in sunny Tenerife
    Have you ever thought about going on a workation with your family? Our Work n’ enjoy program gives you the perfect opportunity to take in the beautiful, diverse Tenerife landscapes, work comfortably in a far-from-home office and spend quality time with your loved ones. There’s a ton of post-work activities to choose from, like climbing the Teide volcano, visiting the penguins of Loro Parque or catching some rays on a…
  • 10-19-2022
    3 Ways to Build Up Your Tech Talent Capacity 
  • 09-26-2022
    Q&A: Get to know a Software Minder!
  • 08-08-2022
    Work n’ enjoy – programming with a view of the ocean